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Leigufélag Búseta is a subsidiary of Búseti. It offers long-term rental housing at various locations in the Reykjavik area. It offers a wide variety of rentals and prides itself on offering good service and well maintained properties to its customers.

Leigufélag Búseta offers a renting contract where the tenant pays a deposit (value of three months’ rent). Usually monthly rental fee includes all cost of housing except private electricity usage and private insurance. Rental fee is updated monthly according to the inflation index.

Tenant may be entitled to housing benefit from the municipality. More information is available at our office and You are welcome to visit, give us a call or send an e-mail.

How to apply?

Whenever an apartment is available it is advertised on this website from Friday to Thursday. On Mondays, you have the option of visiting an open-house. If interested you can apply from Monday to Thursday at midnight. Anyone can apply – you don’t have to be a member, but members have a priority.

We then check your credit history and sometimes ask for recommendations.

Important points to remember

  • Tenant pays a deposit of a total value of three months’ rent
  • Rent is paid in advance for the coming month. The due date is on the 1st of each month with a deadline on the 6th of each month. An invoice is sent out to be paid electronically through Internet banking.
  • If rent has not been paid 14 days after the deadline date the balance will automatically be sent to a collector which adds further costs. If payment still doesn’t take place the results will be legal costs charged to the tenant and a cancellation of the contract.
  • Usually monthly rental fee includes all cost of housing except private electricity usage, heating and private insurance. Monthly rental fee is updated monthly according to the inflation index.
  • Contracts are made for an indefinite period. This means that the contract doesn’t have an end date but there is a mutual notice period of 6 months. Please also refer to the Icelandic law on the rental of residential premises. If the tenant does not pay the rent and/or causes disturbance the lease may be terminated.
  • At our website you can see information about each apartment being offered for rent.

When an apartment is received or returned

  • When apartments are handed over to tenants they are newly painted, floors clean and the interior in order and functioning well. The overall condition shall be in good shape taking into consideration age and normal wear and tear.
  • Information is provided at our office as to where to pick up the keys to the apartment.
  • A 30 days’ notice is given to complain about items that you believe should be in better shape or find faulty.
  • When the apartment is returned the condition should be the same as when it was handed over, taking into consideration reasonable wear and tear.
  • Any damage must be repaired in a proper manner before apartment is returned.
  • Tenants are responsible for hand shower and toilet seat.
  • Overall condition of the apartment will be evaluated when apartment is returned. Cost based on any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be paid by the leaving tenant.